Hungarian Creamed Squash (Tökfőzelék)

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The summer squash called "vegetable marrow" is appearing at markets (mid-August) and there's still time to make this iconic Hungarian dish. 

"Creamed vegetables" - called főzelék - is classic Hungarian home-cooking. They can be used as sides, or as the main course served with eggs or Hungarian meatballs (fashirt). 

There's a fairly long list of vegetables that are creamed - the most common in my own experience being yellow waxed beans (babfőzelék) and this vegetable marrow (tökfőzelék). So good!

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Asian Pasta Primavera

Since vegetarians began to appear at family dinner tables, this Pasta Primavera  (from Chatelaine) has been one of my "go to" dishes. I make this almost à la minute, and one guest is usually generous enough to mind the stove and pull this together. With absolutely everything prepped and pre- measured (and with the offer of a clean/funky apron) they seem happy to step up and deal with the 5 steps.  1) oil and onions 2) first set of vegetables 3) add sauce 4) add last two veg and pasta; 5) big finish with onions and sprouts.

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