Food bloggers advise being clear about one’s niche and sticking to it. Good advice, but hard to do. I offer you "food stories" in "the blog section" and recipes - that may defy categorization.  I share favourites (both old and new) and family treasures - some of which I have struggled to re-create.  A (growing) entire section is Hungarian - my cultural connection. My recipe choices depend on what tastes and looks great, and what is foolproof. Overall, I hope this becomes a bit of a "legacy" site - including eventually all favourites that family and friends enjoyed and may want to replicate.

  • I prefer seasonal and local food, and real ingredients.
  • I value recipes that are nutritious and healthy.  That will not guarantee that I will refrain from using butter or cream – everything in moderation.
  • My preference is for recipes that are not too complicated – though that is always a matter of opinion.  If a recipe seems complicated, I will break into little steps - some that can be done ahead.
  • I value planning ahead – it takes the stress out of cooking.  Trained chefs call their prep – mise en place – putting everything in place.
  • Few of the recipes I share will be absolutely original.  Sources and modifications will be noted.
  • I will always offer recipe notes since I find even the best recipes / cookbooks tend to leave out helpful hints and steps.  Having said that, every cook can make mistakes and the secret is to try, try again.