Carrot Kohlrabi Sauté

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I love the look of coloured heirloom carrots. Clearly, they can be cooked in any way, but I needed a stove-top method.

This is a simple recipe with respect to instructions and is ready to serve in about 10 minutes. Cutting the vegetables into matchsticks can be a bit time-consuming but can be done ahead of time.

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Carrot Cake

Google Carrot Cake and there are 14 million results! My files contain more than one of those many variations. Some use pineapple to achieve the moist texture we associate with this treat. This Looneyspoons recipe uses pumpkin. I now use only this recipe and that is because of the calorie count - though it does taste great! The Podleski Sisters always aim to achieve the best possible balance between flavour and calories / nutrition. A simple internet search reveals that many carrot cakes weigh in at 700+ calories per slice!! And that!! - is why I went years without eating any. But not any more...

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