Irish Yellow Broth Soup

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I have been making this soup for almost two decades. It tastes terrific for very little effort. From what I can tell it originates in Northern Ireland.

Soups can be an easy way to meet advised daily vegetable intake. - and they have another "secret" property. (Dieters take note!)

Turns out there is science that supports the view that nothing beats soup for making you feel full!

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Orange Date Squares

At markets and bake shops I am a sucker for buying date squares. Two weeks ago I wondered aloud why I never make them myself? Rose to the 'self-challenge' using this recipe from Canadian Living's new Sweet & Simple Cookbook. Many of the recipes use fruit that is at the market now, or in the months to come. I gave up putting stickies on pages I like - I may have to try every recipe over time..

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