Happy 3rd Birthday Kitchen Bliss!

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[If you have signed up for Kitchen Bliss updates, you have already seen this. Am sharing here for other visitors who are not yet "on the inside track".]

On February 7, 2015, the KB start-up turned out to be a great way to fight the February blahs, and since then it is the place I go for “Flow”. Kitchen Bliss has given me many hours of pleasure - writing, sharing stories and recipes – not to mention the cooking – and the eating! I have made new friends in the blogosphere and have had a few adventures. 

Interested in some KB Trivia?

  • 142 recipes posted (and more to come) 
  • 44 blog stories – always linked to a great recipe
  • the first recipe I posted was Gulyas Soup
  • the recipe that has had the most number of visits (136!) was added only recently – in January – Hungarian Cabbage Rolls. Not far behind is Rebar Granola and Festive Kale Slaw
  • your favourite blog post was Culture Clash – I guess it was hard to resist me in hot pants – haha. 

I am tickled to the bone when you tell me you have enjoyed a read – even better when you make something from the blog. Unless you tell me, I have no idea who is visiting the site – although a new blog analytics tool shows me the location of visitors. The thought of someone so far away on the planet visiting the site puts a smile on my face. (Unless they are copying the content onto their own site – sadly things like that do happen…) Check out some of my visitors! 

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New on the site is an entire section on Hungarian recipes. In response to a special request, I am planning to add more print-friendly versions of recipes. Do let me know if there’s anything that can improve your enjoyment of KB!

Thank you for joining me on this journey!

Wishing you Bliss in the Kitchen!

PS – we need a recipe to celebrate – makes some Hungarian Cheese Snacks (Sajtos Rúd) with a beverage of your choice (wink!)

PPS - right now that Birthday Cake pictured above - Gingerbread  Layer Cake - is top of the KB list for best cakes!!