LooneySpoons Chicken Soup

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Soup again!? Well, it's not just because it remains bitterly cold - today's overnight low broke a 40 year old record.

Soup is great the day after the "wine / cheese / antipasti plate" splurge. Soup is often low in calories. (Depending on how much meat is used, this recipe ranges between 150 and 200 calories per bowl.)

In our home, we have adopted the 5:2 Fasting Lifestyle. One of the books explaining the lifestyle, praises the virtues of soup. "Soups... are well worth including on a fast day menu. Research has shown that while fluids generally have lower satiety value than solid foods, soups break the rule: they are brilliantly satiating, leading to what scientists at Purdue University call 'reductions of hunger and increases of fullness... comparable to the solid foods'. In short, soup gets you full and keeps you there. Great news for fast day." (p.9-10)

This soup comes from one of the LooneySpoons Cookbooks created by the Podleski Sisters - Janet and Greta. Their recipes always work and always taste great - and (one of them being a nutritionist) they pay attention to nutrition and calories. They have a quirky sense of humour - hence the zany recipe name(s). Visit their site and read their story - which includes a financial rescue / support from David Chilton, author of the bestselling book, The Wealthy Barber. They have a great blog and super recipes at their site. I once met them - in their early days - in our tiny local supermarket promoting one of their products. They seemed incredibly down to earth - and didn't seem to mind getting "down and dirty", helping to promote their good eating message.

Their "Chicken Soup that Flu (sic) the Coup" comes together in less than an hour, and I have lost count of how often I have made this. Click here for the recipe.