I first refer to croustades in the recipe for Thai Chicken Salad Appetizers.

Siljans is the brand available in my local grocery store. One might think this is an exotic import, but the company seems to be based in Calgary. Their website offers many serving ideas that could inspire an entire croustade party! Google croustade and view Image results for even more ideas.

I have also used croustades for this salty-sweet appetizer. (Double this recipe if using the entire container of croustades.)

12 walnut halves,  toasted
3 TB liquid honey
12 baby green leaves (e.g. arugula)
12 pieces Reggiano Parmigiano
12 croustade shells
1 TB balsamic vinegar or glaze

Place small green in croustade. Layer in thin triangle slice of Parmesan, Coat toasted / cooled walnuts with honey (warm honey slightly if necessary to make it easier to dip / coat walnuts). Place walnut into croustade. Drizzle with balsamic.