Ricotta, lemon, almond, craisin

Ricotta, lemon, almond, craisin

Tortilla wraps have been a regular staple for decades now, and serve many functions.

These ricotta wraps have, for me, been breakfast, snack and lunch - and just recently an appetizer contribution to a social gathering. Ditto could apply to the more savoury wrap.

People do try to fill wraps with healthy foods, but I am often astonished at the calorie count on the wrap itself. I use La Tortilla Factory: Low Carb, High Fiber wraps - logging in at only 70 calories each for the 6" wrap. I like their 8" wrap as well, but hate larger wraps - they tend to create wraps that are more "wrap" than filling.

Now, with some leftover tortillas in the house, will maybe be inspired to dig up a burrito recipe!

Roast Beef, lingonberry, horseradish, greens

Roast Beef, lingonberry, horseradish, greens

Ricotta Wrap: This recipe comes directly from a Dairy Goodness page in a magazine. That's a pretty good website for inspiration. The recipe is for 1 medium size wrap (cut in half). I have made this so often I just eyeball everything for the number of wraps I am making. The quantity of filling for each wrap can be to individual taste. Combine:

1/2 cup ricotta
1 TB honey or to taste
1/8 teaspoon finely grated lemon zest or to taste
1/3 - 1/4 cup dried fruit and nut mixture
1 medium-size whole wheat tortilla
sprinkle of cinnamon 

Roast Beef Wrap: I cannot recall where I picked up this idea, but it is yummy. You need:

deli roast beef slices
greens (I prefer arugula)

For each wrap mix together about 1 heaping tsp of lingonberry with 1/4 - 1/2 tsp of horseradish. Spread this on the wrap; place 1-2 pieces of roast beef on top (depending on tortilla size); add a few greens and roll.


Notes and Tips...

  • Ricotta -  I prefer full fat ricotta
  • Dried Fruit - while this can be a "mixture", I add sugar-reduced craisins - but clearly anything goes - chop some dried apricots, add raisins, or currants or dried blueberries, dried cherries - etc.... 
  • Nuts - my usual is unblanched, roasted almonds (chopped coarsely) - but there are no rules on this one
  • Spices - variations are possible here too - maybe nutmeg? cardamom?
  • Lingonberry - imported from Sweden; if your deli does not have any, visit IKEA; though typically from Scandinavia - in Newfoundland they call these partridge berries, and now they have them in BC as well.
  • Horseradish - I love Creamed Horseradish from Horrlein - in the cute little container in the photo
  • Serving and Storage - these can be made ahead and individually wrapped in Saran. Do a search on wraps and check out Image results for cool ideas on serving.
  • Variations - I have seen wraps stuffed with a salmon / cream cheese mixture and cut into pinwheels. Do you have favourite ways of using wraps?
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