I have so many sifters, each suited to particular tasks. There was a time when I didn't realize that sifters come with different sized mesh - some very fine and others more coarse. There are web sites that even outline the various gradations!

When flour needs sifting I like to use the squeeze sifter. It lets me do the task one-handed, in controlled additions. This is especially good when I am using my other hand to fold flour into a delicate cake batter.

BTW.  "Flour, sifted" is not the same as "sifted flour". In the case of the latter the flour is sifted first and then measured. ATK has done the testing for us. They warn, for example, that a cup of all-purpose flour, unsifted, will weigh 5 oz. On the other hand, when the flour is sifted first and then measured using the scoop and sweep method, the actual weight of the flour will be only 4 oz and the baking project will be flawed. Watch their short video. Noteworthy that expert bakers always measure ingredients by weight.


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