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Yes, you are reading that correctly - pasta with potatoes - a double whammy of carbs. This must be one of the most quintessential peasant meals around. Am not sure if it exists in cultures other than Hungarian, but I'd be surprised if it didn't.  

As I have mentioned before, pasta with 'xyz' is a Hungarian thing. Pasta with cabbage (káposztás tészta), with poppy-seed (mákos tészta), with ground walnuts (diós tészta), with jam (dark, thick plum butter - lekváros tészta), with farmer's cheese and bacon and bacon fat (túrós csusza), or farmer's cheese and dill.

This is the pasta combo that appears most frequently in the KB kitchen - largely due to our seeming inability to judge how much mashed potatoes to make with other meals. Leftover mash!? It is never thrown out, and instead becomes this double carb supper treat.

The first step is to caramelize onions (one large or two medium). That can take a little while, but somewhere along the line, boil pasta - we use tagliatelle.

Distribute the leftover mashed potatoes over the pan of caramelized onions. As the potatoes warm up you should be able to mix them a bit with the onions.

Transfer to cooked pasta to the same pan and continue mixing until combined. Enjoy!




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