A recipe that states "butter pan" is clear. But I have been meaning to ask one of my "expert consultants" what is meant by the instruction "grease pan". In my grandmother's day, it meant using shortening, typically spreading it around with a piece of waxed paper. (She used Crisco - and once upon a time Fluffo.)

I am thinking that these days "grease" refers to using a canola spray as pictured here. This goes on wet/oily - not conducive to sprinkling with flour as is often necessary for baking. Consequently I still have Crisco in my cupboard for certain "greasing" tasks.

I once had to test a recipe that called for "flour spray" and was astounded to learn such a thing even existed. Sure enough it was in my local grocery store, and the bulk barn carries the Wilton brand. I must add, however, that in one recipe where I usually prepare pans by buttering and sprinkling with flour - the use of the "flour spray" made the cake layers significantly shrink away from the sides of the pan - it was odd.

Unless specified otherwise in the recipe, I often use the canola spray for "greasing" pans.

Environmental concerns about spray cans? There is a solution. Somewhere in this house I have a Manual Oil Sprayer. These are very cool!