Recipes using coconut will usually say only "sweetened" or "unsweetened". Sounds simple, but it's worth taking a closer look at this ingredient.

The package might say "dessicated" which simply means the coconut meat (that's what they call it) has been dried and shredded. I do not have a brand name preference, but notice in the photo of my current stock of coconut that the so-called shredded one on the bottom is stringy, compared to the generic brand on top (also labelled shredded) where the coconut is more finely shredded. Turns out that shredded coconut can be graded along a coarse-medium-fine continuum, as well as on a fat continuum. They are not on a better/worse scale - just differing textures to match to purpose. Only online purchasing is going to offer access to the entire product spectrum. In the middle of the photos here is flaked coconut - even larger bits, better suited to cake tops or sides. 

An additional product variable is "organic". Shredded coconut often contains sulfites and anyone concerned about that may wish to purchase an organic product - even so, read the label for ingredients.

Storage: In tightly sealed bags or containers shredded coconut can last 4-6 month - a bit longer if refrigerated. Coconut is past its prime once it becomes brittle and discolours.