So many recipes call for stock / broth. Without question, the most healthy and frugal thing to do is to make one's own stock. Once familiar with the process, it does seem an easy thing to have cooking in the background on an evening or day off. There are even slow-cookers recipes for this. A clever tip is to form the habit of keeping a bag in the freezer and storing in it all raw veggie waste. What one would normally put into the little recycle bin can go in the freezer and when enough is accumulated all those veggies bits, veggie peels and so on can be slow cooked into a nice broth. Adding some chicken bones / backs yields a chicken broth.

However... it is not a habit many (I) have developed. What to do instead? Bring home a pile of tetra boxes of broth? (Admittedly there are nice products, sodium-reduced / organic.) But, this can be costly and requires a lot of storage space.

My solution is to be well stocked with Better Than Bouillon products - chicken, vegetable, beef - though they have more. Recently it has been easier to find in stores, but with very limited choice - never their full (amazing) range that includes sodium reduced, organic, vegetarian and so on. The good news is that their full range can be purchased online, from their site. Each jar costs about $8.00. The ratio is one teaspoon per cup of water, and though I have not measured this accurately, I reckon there would be at least 20 teaspoons per jar. Important: if you do not have the sodium-reduced product then when using this in any recipe that also calls for salt - do not add the salt until tasting and adjusting seasoning. 

America's Test Kitchen is like the "Consumers' Report" on Cooking. Recently, I was pleased to see that Better Than Bouillon ranked second in their broth product testing. (In first place was a Swanson product, not sold here.)

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